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What are "A" City Stickers made of?

OUR STICKERS are made of a high-quality vinyl film that's been used in the commercial sign industry for years. It’s very easy to work with, resilient and will look great for years to come.

What surfaces do THE STICKERS work best on?

THE STICKERS apply easily to most surfaces, but not all. They work well on light to medium textured walls, windows, mirrors, wood, glass and metals. We do not recommend applying THE STICKERS to heavily textured surfaces, like brick and stucco, or uneven wallpaper. Generally the smoother the surface the easier it is to apply. The more textured the surface the better upper-body workout you'll get! Allow 30 days before applying to freshly painted walls.

Can THE STICKERS be applied over wallpaper?

That depends; THE STICKERS will stick to most paper or vinyl wall coverings, provided the surface is clean, dry, relatively smooth, and non-porous. However, THE STICKERS will not stick to heavily textured or porous wall coverings.


Can I put THE STICKERS in a humid place like my bathroom?

Absolutely!! Just make sure the surface is clean and dry before you apply. We do not recommend using it in the shower or on uneven tile, as water can seep behind the lettering. It looks great on mirrors, too!

What is the best way to clean my walls and surfaces?

It’s very important to clean your surface before applying THE STICKERS. Use a mild household cleaning agent, and make sure the entire surface is completely dry when you begin. Avoid using cleaners that contain alcohol, abrasives or citrus-based solvents. They can break down the adhesive of your STICKERS.

How do I clean the surface once THE STICKERS are on it?

Clean your STICKERS with care using a mild household cleanser. Avoid using products that contain alcohol, abrasives or citrus-based solvents as they can break down the adhesive of your STICKERS.

What other application tools work well?

Along with the application tool supplied in your kit, a sturdy tool wrapped in a lint-free cloth may also be helpful. Synthetic and natural cork work wonderfully well on textured walls. Protect the surface of your STICKERS if you apply after the application tape has been removed.

How long does it take to apply my STICKERS?

Like anything new, your first application may take a bit longer. Once you plan your layout you can expect to have your STICKERS up and looking beautiful in a matter of minutes.

What if it rips when I apply it?

THE STICKERS are very durable and forgiving, and difficult to rip. However, on the slim chance it tears it’s easy to line the piece up and continue burnishing without noticeable difference.

How do I remove my STICKERS?

THE STICKERS are easy to remove at any time. Gently lift a corner of a letter and peel away. Adhesion may increase over time. If so, soften the adhesive by warming with a hair dryer set on high and the lettering should easily peel off.

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